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Thank you for your interest in this site.


We will do everything in order for our clients to be satisfied with their visits to this site, we will help if you want to purchase any item.


Purchasing a product from the inventory


In order to prevent misunderstanding and dissatisfaction we are using a special sales method in which we place special emphasis on a detailed visual illustration of each and every item.


We are aware of the fact that it is difficult to feel and to experience a piece of jewelry that was made by hand by way of a picture, therefore we are trying to supply a few pictures for every item and even a short video clip in order to give the maximum viewing experience of the piece of jewelry before deciding to purchase it.


In the event that the purchase is not persuaded that he understands the shape, color and design of a certain item, he can ask to see additional picture and or video clips which will be sent to him.


Every item that appears on this site is under full guarantee and leaves the artist's workshop undamaged.


The pieces of jewelry are original handmade works of art and each and every item is one of a kind. Not one piece will ever be exactly repeated.


In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the piece of jewelry and in the event of an item arriving defective


Notice must be given to the artist concerning a defective piece of jewelry 48 hours from the moment of its receipt by mail.


We will replace the defective piece of jewelry for a similar piece with the same price, according to the customer's choice from existing inventory and/or refund the cost of the product, all this after the product has been returned back to the artist.


The artist shall return the cost of the piece of jewelry after its receipt back in good order and unused in its original packaging except for the costs of credit and delivery.


The piece of jewelry shall be sent back to the artist by the same type of delivery as it was sent to the customer.

Ordering of a product that is not in the inventory


Some of the pictures on the site are of items that were made in the past and have been sold.


It is possible to request the artist to create a piece of jewelry similar to an item that has been sold.


Upon request, the artist will create a piece of jewelry similar but not completely identical since each and every piece is made by hand.


After a piece of jewelry has been finished pictures will be sent to the customer to authorize the new piece of jewelry. After authorization of the piece of jewelry by e-mail and an order having been made the sale transaction will be carried out.

It is possible to create a piece of jewelry at the request of the customer and according to his/her design.


Purchases on the site will be supplied only after full payment of the cost.

A transaction may be cancelled without any debit being made in the event that the item has not been sent yet.

It is possible to choose delivery possibilities and/or to collect an item after prior coordination.

The artist reserves to himself the right not to confirm any order, providing that no charge has been collected for it.

An item purchased from the inventory shall be sent within no later than two weeks.

A new item that will be made on demand shall be sent as coordinated between the artist and the customer.



At this stage no prices appear on the site.

In order to make an order it is necessary to make contact with the artist and to check the price of the desired item.


Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Zach Or

P.O.Box 771, Herzlia 46106

Mobile phone: 0545-612617

Fax: 03-5132042

E-mail: Info@IsaacOr.com


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